Good for you. Good for the planet. Good for business.

Sheets is committed to reducing the environmental impact we have on our planet by offering consumers simple solutions to everyday problems.

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No Plastics. No Harsh Chemicals. 100% Recyclable. Listen close and you can hear planet earth breathing a sigh of relief.


Each Sheet of detergent gives you exactly what you need for a clean, fresh, soft load of laundry. It dissolves in the wash in seconds.


Our commitment is to provide a better, greener, cleaner, more efficient, more effective way of doing laundry at a price no more expensive than the store brands.

It Works

After a lot of development hoops, hurdles, and testing, we were able to harness nature’s cleaning power and deliver a natural detergent that works.

Carbon Footprint

For every 1 bottle of comparable liquid, pods, or powder detergent, we can ship 6 boxes of sheets. This cuts cost on shipping and greatly reduces carbon emmissions.


Laundry sucks. We get it. Our mission was to save you time and money while saving the planet. Mission accomplished.

Not just sheets...

Since launching in December '19 with our revolutionary Laundry Detergent Sheet, we have gained a dedicated following of over 75,000 eco-conscious customers that are looking for more ways to reduce plastic outside of just the Laundry room. In response, we have expanded our product line to cover all of your cleaning and self-care needs.

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